Welcome to Get Started Rhode Island 2023, presented by Cox Business and RIHub

Get Started Rhode Island has evolved from a pitch competition, into a year-long program to connect entrepreneurs with the resources they need, including mentoring, pitch development, creative support, financial and legal advice, all while preparing them for an exclusive opportunity to meet with potential investors and strategic partners.

Entrepreneurs can sign up each month for a chance to be one of 5 companies selected to be Get Started Members.

Check out the information to learn how you can become a Get Started Member.

All About Get Started Rhode Island

Click the headlines of each section below to learn more about the process, benefits and deadlines for participating in Get Started Rhode Island, brought to you by Cox Business and RI HUB.

Apply by June 15th to be considered for a Get Started Membership.  (Subsequent monthly due dates will will also be posted)

  • Applicants will be contacted either way to determine if they’re moving on to an interview.
  • If selected, they’ll move on to the Meet Your Mentors Phase
  • If not selected, applicants will be given feedback and encouraged to reapply in future months.
  • We’re now taking applications for the first month of the program.  Please apply by June 15th for a chance to become a Get Started Member.
  • July – September application due dates will be posted each month

5 businesses will be selected to receive mentoring from a selected team that can best support your business.

  • Session will be virtual and will involve a 3-minute pitch, with up to 2 slides, to a small panel of mentors who will spend up to 90 minutes with each business to provide feedback and direction for next steps.

Build and maintain your own Business Profile on the exclusive Get Started Rhode Island Member community portal where investors and strategic partners can easily find you and learn more about you and your business.

Accepted Get Started RI Members will have the opportunity to try Cox Mobile services for free!

The opportunity to participate in 2 Showcases to take place during Rhode Island Start Up Week, October, 2023

  • Virtual showcase for national investors/strategic partners.
  • In person, invite only, showcase for Get Started participants and local/regional investors and strategic partners.

Sign up for the June interviews by June 15th
July – September application due dates will be posted each month